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Dance Floor Hire

Corporate Events (UK) Ltd is proud to supply the very best in portable dance floor and flooring systems for sale and hire in the UK and across the whole of Europe

Corporate Events UK Ltd continuously grows and thrives moving forward all the time to ensure we keep our reputation of being the best in the dance floor industry. Keeping up with the demand from our customers for bigger and better floors, in which we hold a huge stock of all our floors. There is no limit to the size of the floor we can do for you.

We pride ourselves on supplying the best floors in the industry. All floors being cleaned and brought up to a shine before every event with our dedicated warehouse staff ensuring all floors meet the highest of standards. We also offer a dancefloor refurbishment service which brings tired and dull looking floors back up to a look that any venue would be proud to use. (contact our office for current refurbishment prices)

Our dance floor specialists are trained to the highest corporate standard on all our dance floor products giving you our clients 100% peace of mind.

Fantastic offers on all floors extended for 2016 see below next to your required floor style for our latest offer prices.
All prices are subject to vat and transport, please call for further information.
Minimum charges apply.

Colour Changing LED Pixel Floors | Video | Starlit LEd Dance Floors | Circular Dance Floor | Mirrored Dance Floor Hire | Black | White | Black and White | Outside | Oak Parquet | Raised Dance Flooring
Illuminated Dance Floor Hire

Pixel Dance Flooring Hire
Colour Commander Dance Floor Hire Colour Commander Dance Floors

LED Colour Commander Dance Floor Hire

Our new Pixel floor "Colour Commander" is booking out like crazy it is the all new singing and dancing floor that is leading the way that everybody now must have.

After a lot of thought we have changed our pixel floor to a new system the "Colour Commander" this floor is four times higher resolution than our original pixel floor it is also wireless which means it can be laid much quicker. We currently have over 2000 square foot in stock, always adding more so if you require larger just give us a call.

Basic features in good old plain English

  • The Largest PIXEL floor in the UK
  • Plays video images/files (not HD quality)
  • Replaces our current Night Fever/Retro floor
  • Limitless image and patterns can be programmed
  • Can write messages
  • Can produce a follow spot in different shapes like a love heart for a wedding or even your company logo
  • Can produce company logos and names
  • Only 28mm off the floor with standard edges
  • Comes with an Engineer to control it
  • NEW Pixel Bars, DJ Booths and Star-Cloths also in stock
  • Can run multiple effects and build layers
  • Can even run like a normal LED twinkling dance floor for even more WOW! Factor when it changes over

Dance floor features:

  • Full individual RGB Control of each pixel
  • Low voltage - safe!
  • Full video support. Import avi, mp4, JPEG etc
  • Simple assembly
  • Full dimming
  • Multiple effects simultaneously
  • Que and playback programmable Features
  • Strobe function

Control Options:

  • As standard for your piece of mind all our colour commander Bars, Star-Clothes and of course Dance Floors come with an operator to fully control and look after the floor for your event and create spectacular effects.
  • Standalone play back if you really do not want an engineer on site. From the Colour Command Centre.
  • DMX Control is now here.

The Colour Commander range of products add an amazing ultra-modern look to your event. People will be talking about your day for weeks after!

Also as you can see below we are now the proud owners of the colour commander bar. We are currently the only company to actually own this so come to who everyone else will come to and save costs.

Remember seeing is believing that one phone call does it all.

Colour Commander Costs
Floor size:
Up to 144sq ft are just 648.00
145-224 sq ft is 4 per sq ft
225 676 sq ft are just 3.50 per sq ft
676 sq ft upwards are just 3.20 per sq ft

Available Now

The colour commander bar is four times the resolution of the colour commander floor so your images and words stand out as an amazing centre-piece to any room!

Please click here for our Colour Commander bars which is a perfect complement to the Pixel Dance Floor.

Colour Commander Dance Floors Dance Floor Hire

Contact us today for further information or for a quote or booking.
LED Flooring Black LED Dance Floor Hire

LED Dance Floor Rental

White LED Starlit Dance Floors

LED Starlit P Light Dance Floor Hire

Our amazing highly polished white and or black dance floor with built in sparkling white LED's. Creating amazing effects such as stars at night, which is a very similar effect to our range of star-cloths.

The White led starlit floor is the current floor for bride and grooms everywhere to start their first dance. There is just a gasp when the floor is turned on to start their first dance as man and wife.

Black Led dance floor is still a slick floor for most corporate parties, adding a touch of class

Why not create a pattern and mix the black and white floor panels up a bit?

Our skilled staff will deliver and professionally fit these wonderful dance floors into your chosen venue.

Our black and or white dance floors with white starlit LED's are available for hire in multiples of 2ft x 2ft (600mm x 600mm). These sections give you a smooth, level dance floor and are uniquely interlocked. These floors can also be fitted with our other floors in these sizes, including the Mirrored, Pure Black, Pure White, Black and White, our new Wooden effect floor and the legendary colour commander dance floors

As an add on you can add a remote control which gives you further options to control the 4 channel controller which is built into each dance floor panel. enabling you to create some amazing effects.

Contact us today.
Current offer price is 1.75 per square foot

Related Items
Make a show of things with quality lit flooring for your event.
Circular and Flooring Circular Dance Floor Hire

New for 2016 Circular dance floor Hire

Corporate Events UK are proud to have had a custom made 24ft Diameter White gloss dance floor manufactured. Which is currently the only one in the UK.

The way this floor works it has to be laid on a perfectly flat surface.
Not only does this create a stunning first impression for your guests being modern and different to the normal, where it has such a high shine it helps to enhance the room lighting.

Contact us today for further information on our dance floors or to make a booking.

This floor is currently on offer at 651.00 plus vat.

Unfortunately, this dance floor is not suitable to be laid outside.

Contact us today to enquire about our circular dance floor or to make a booking.
Mirrors and Flooring Mirrored Dance Floor Hire

Mirrored Dance Floor Hire

Corporate Events UK can now provide you with a mirrored dance floor. Each individual piece can be mixed and matched with most of our other dance floor for any special occasion.

Mirrored Dance Floor is rapidly becoming one of the more popular dance floors for hire, a 20'x20' mirrored floor with a pure black border creates an amazing looking finish to any event.

Not only does this create a stunning first impression for your guests it also amplifies your lighting effects.

This floor is in standard 2ft x 2ft (600mmx600mm) sections so is compatible with all our other floors. Sorry it can not be laid outside

Contact us today for further information on our dance floors or to make a booking.

This floor is currently on offer at 4.50 per square foot.

Book your mirrored flooring hire today or give us a call for further information.
Black Flooring Pure Black Dance Floor Hire

Black Dance Floor Hire

This stunning polished pure black dance floor is a must and is perfect for any event.

Our shiny high gloss jet black dance floor will be polished, delivered and professionally fitted by our skilled staff, in your chosen location.

This pure black dance floor is available in individual sections of 2ft x 2ft (600mm x 600mm). The unique interlocking design produces a flat surface which will not separate.

Make a show of things with quality pure black flooring for your event. This floor can be mixed and matched with other floors to create things like railway lines and other patterns.

This floor is currently on offer at 1.00 per square foot.

Contact us today for further information or to book a dance floor for your event, party or function.
White Flooring White Dance Floor Hire

White Dance Floor

White Dance Floor Hire
White dance floors and flooring is an amazing way to brighten up your venue or function. They can be used for almost any occasion from weddings to car launches.

The new floor this year is the white dance floor that everybody wants.

Our pure white dance floors will add a stunning effect to your special occasion; where else would the "Newly Weds" like to take their first dance?

The unique interlocking system means you will have a smooth, level dance surface with angled aluminium edging for added safety and enhanced appearance and when the coloured lights begin beaming, you will have a breath-taking atmosphere.

Whatever the size or venue, this floor really is the finishing touch!!

This floor comes in 2ft square (600mm) sections and is compatible with all our other floor types

You can even have a walkway as like the picture made out of any of our floors

Remember this floor surface is now available as a full circle

Contact us today for more information on our white dance floors or to hire one for your event.

Our standard white floor is currently on offer at 1 per square foot.

Make a show of things with quality white flooring for your event.
Black and White Flooring Black and White Dance Floors
Black and White Dance Floor Hire
Our Black and White dance floors always looks immaculate in appearance and because of the unique interlocking design of the panels we use we can produce a flat surface that will not separate.
The timeless elegance of black and white dance floors bring mystique and drama to your special event or occasion.

Black and white chequered floor has for years been one of the more popular dance floors adding sophistication to your event

This floor is in 600mm square sections and is compatible with all of our other floors types.

Let your imagination run wild or use ours to create some interesting mixed floor patterns , just to be a little bit different and sophisticated away from the normal

This floor is currently on offer at 1 per square foot

We are sorry but this floor can not be laid outside

Contact us today for more information.

Outside Flooring Outside Dance Floor Hire

Outside Dance Floor Hire
New for 2016 we have upgraded our outside dance floor once again

We are proud to be the first company in the UK, currently offering a purpose built outside dance floor for hire, finished in a wood effect. This dance floor is completely waterproof and heat proof so wont warp from direct sun light and is interlocked and will not separate.

This floor is available in 2ft x 2ft (600mm x 600mm) sections.

We will deliver and professionally fit this outside dance floor to the location of your choice.

Make a show of things with quality outside flooring for your event.

This floor is currently on offer at 1.30 per square foot.

Make a show of things with quality outside flooring for your event.
Parquet Flooring Oak Parquet Dance Floor Hire
Oak Parquet Dance Floor Hire
Oak Parquet Dance Floor Hire
Oak Parquet dance floors give your evening or event the look of style and elegance and can be seen in many hotels and venues such as the Hilton group, Forte, QMH, Holiday Inn, Jarvis and many more.

Our Oak effect dance floors can be used for all inside and now even outside events or functions and will look absolutely amazing.

Oak parquet and wood floors are highly lacquered and polished for a very hard wearing and beautiful finish that scratched when chairs are taken across them.

Which is why we have replaced it all with this brand new wooden effect floor, It has a wonderful traditional wooden look that does not scratch, it is the same size panels as all of our other floor types and styles and it can even be used outside.

This floor is great for a traditional elegant look and of course it can now be used for walkways inside and outside of your venues.

This floor is now in different sizes to our old wooden effect at 2ft square (600mm) sections.

This floor is currently on offer at just 1 per square foot.

Contact us today for further information or to book a dance floor for your event, party, wedding or function.

Raised Flooring Raised Dance Floor Hire
Raised Dance Floor Hire
We are specialists in all types of dance floors to hire, and hire both indoor and outdoor dance floors.

If your venue has uneven ground or the floor slopes, a raised dance floor is the answer. We can even build a dance platform over a stream.

We are able to raise any of our specialised dance floors.

Our raised dance floors are of excellent quality, our skilled staff, will not only deliver but will also professionally fit the raised dance floor to your chosen venue.
Make a show of things with quality raised flooring for your event.
Illuminated Dance Floor Hire LED Night Fever Flooring Hire
Night Fever Style Dance Floor Hire
This dance floor is no longer available but we do strongly suggest using the pixel dance floor instead as it is the new smarter safer version

Our Night Fever style dance floors offer you the latest in advanced technology, our led dance floor creates a stunning centrepiece which will amaze your guests and gives that "Saturday Night Fever" feeling to those who want to hit the dance floor in style.

Our dance floors are designed to your individual specification and lights up in hundreds of pre-programmed permutations. From a kaleidoscope of colour this floor truly is amazing giving a huge Wow! Factor at your event.

Our Night Fever style dance floors are built up to the latest health and safety standards and in your price is including hand rails to create entry and exit points.

This style dance floor can be used in stage sets and on catwalks. The LED panels come in 1mx1m sections and the floor stands at 200mm high so be care full of low ceiling heights.

The Funky Retro floor is ideal for themed events and stages that need that little bit extra

Contact us today for further information or for a quote or booking.
LED Video Flooring Video Dance Floors

Video Dance Floor Hire
Video Dance Floor
Our video floor is capable of running full video, high resolution graphics and perfectly reproduced brand logos, what could be better suited to your needs? The floor can be used as a walkway, stage, dancefloor or exhibition floor. Remember that this fantastic well designed video system can also be used to make a video wall.

Each panel measures 600mm x 600mm x100mm high and can be fitted in any configuration up to a maximum size of 6m x 6m. The dancefloor is also fitted with a metal trim edge to avoid any trip hazards.

The dance floor is water resistant and load bearing and due to it's low power consumption can run off a single 13amp socket, which makes it ideal for indoor venues and for use in marquees and such like.

This video floor is the perfect addition for any event bringing your photos, Videos and Company Branding / Logos to the next level.
Make a show of things with a video dance floor at your event, party or function.

All our flooring systems are top quality and are fitted by our highly trained engineers. We can supply, deliver and fit our dance floors in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Europe.

Corporate Events UK are proud to announce that they were the first in the UK to supply a reusable mirrored glass dance floor hire.

Contact us today for further information or for a quote on your dance floor hire needs.

Corporate Events (UK) Ltd is now a recognised distributor of quality Dance Floor and Stage Systems. Why not mix and match your dance floors to achieve something different to everyone else. All these floors are compatible with each other Pixel, P Light, Mirrored, LED, Pure Black, Pure White and Black and White. Contact us today.

If you own your own dance floors click here for refurbishment details.

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