RGB Dance Floor Hire

RGB LED dance floors and flooring hire in the UK

RGB Dance Floor Hire

Our RGB floor is becoming more and more popular every day. With colour blending as standard we can match the dance floor to your events colour theme.

The floor has a choice of around ten pattern affects to choose from the traditional LED twinkle in multi-colour or a colour of your choice, it does disco squares similar to the old retro floors but is done in dots rather than block colours so not the same, it has a swipe effect, it rains which is cool and many more

This floor can also be laid with any other of our dance floors that we stock so we can work with size and your budget.

It does not need an operator as it is user friendly with its simple touch screen operation

  • Can even run like a normal LED twinkling dance floor for even more WOW! Factor when it changes over
  • Simple assembly
  • Full dimming
  • The RGB floor is only 28mm off the floor with standard edges so is perfectly safe

RGB Dance Floor Hire
RGB Dance Floor Hire
  • RGB Dance Floor Hire
  • RGB Dance Floor Hire

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