Wood Effect Dance Floor Hire

Wood effect dance floors and flooring hire in the UK

Wood Effect Dance Floor Hire

Wood Effect / Oak Parquet dance floors give your evening or event the look of style and elegance and can be seen in many hotels and venues such as the Hilton group, Forte, QMH, Holiday Inn, Jarvis and many more.

Our Oak effect dance floors can be used for all inside and now even outside events or functions and will look absolutely amazing.

Oak parquet and wood floors are highly lacquered and polished for a very hard wearing and beautiful finish that scratched when chairs are taken across them.

Which is why we have replaced it all with this brand new wooden effect floor, It has a wonderful traditional wooden look that does not scratch, it is the same size panels as all of our other floor types and styles and it can even be used outside.

This floor is great for a traditional elegant look and of course it can now be used for walkways inside and outside of your venues.

This floor is now in different sizes to our old wooden effect at 2ft square (600mm) sections.

Contact us today for further information or to book a dance floor for your event, party, wedding or function.

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