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Pinch Pleated Back Drops

Pinch pleated and flat backdrops give you a huge amount of versatility when it comes to transforming a venue to be exactly how you imagined it. Our backdrops are perfect for any event, they can be used for a backdrop to your head table at a wedding. Or if you want to transform a room, we can completely cover the event space to create a sleek and elegant look.

Our backdrops can be made in a huge variety of colours and materials to fit your requirements.

Star Cloth Hire

Star Cloth Hire - Paul Donnelly Services Limited has an extensive range of star cloths and our image reproducing clothes, which will give your stage or event that ultimate backdrop or turn your venues roof, into stars at night or even your favourite graphics can be played.

Star Cloth is great for transforming a bland room into something wonderful. Whether you decide to cover a wall or completely cover a room, the results are just amazing.

Becoming more and more popular are themed Events. We believe Star Cloth to be the magic ingredient to ensure an effective, attractive yet sophisticated look. You can choose from various colours, styles and sizes and our Friendly qualified Lighting Technicians will safely install them leaving you to enjoy the event.

Wedding star cloth is the most popular of the star cloth at the moment being white with white LED's the white LED star cloth is the ultimate wedding star cloth back drop. White LED up lighters and of course the white LED dance floors are available also. With great package discounts.

From Star Cloth Tunnels to Hollywood Theming, we supply Star Cloth and Drape systems for every occasion.

A Standard Star Cloth is 6mx3m and includes rigging, fitting and control with no limits to the completed size where the cloths just join seamlessly together

We now have larger star cloths in stock so whatever size you require there will be no problem we will have the cloths available to change your venues atmosphere and look. 5.6m is our normal maximum height 3m is the standard height, width is endless. So whether you need our new purpose built white star-cloths, pixel clothes or the traditional black cloths give us a call for the solution that you require for your event.

The new pixel cloth can produce graphics and different colours with individual control of each pixel we can write message and of course produce company logo's

Remember to include door trap systems for your star cloth or draped rooms, basically door traps finish of rooms around entry and exit points

P-Light Canopies are still very popular with a 10m radius and 24 arms they look fantastic creating some amazing visual effects around what could normally be a boring area

Also available standard cloth fitted with a white mess cloth, or shimmer curtain giving a completely different look and style to your event effect

Why not speak to an event organizer today and discuss how a Star Cloth can transform your next event!

With Theme and Atmosphere lighting becoming a must for near on all events now. Why not try Table Pin-Spotting or imagine walking through a Star-Cloth Tunnel into your room and looking up and seeing Fibre Optic Shemmiras, a central P-Light Canopy or even your name lit up moving around the room.

Also becoming more and more popular for marquee users is covering the dance/entertainment end of the marquee completely in star cloths and having the dining area of the marquee in traditional white colour, then adding LED Up-Lighters to slowly change the colour of this whole area.

The Star-cloth Tunnel idea is also becoming more popular with the use of stretched white sides and placing LED lighting behind again mixing through various colour washes or just being left as one static colour for example the colour of your company logo.

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