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Generator and Power Hire

Generator Hire

We have a wide range of large and small generators to suit all occasions.

You can never be too organised when it come to planning an Event. On most Events Power is taken for granted.

In the last two years we have had a high volume of calls to hire a Generator last minute where power has tripped or a generator has broken down, or just even been over looked. This is becoming a common issue throughout the Event industry.

Paul Donnelly Event Services Limited can provide a well maintained Generator for any sized Event. We can provide an engineer on every job who will keep an eye on the running efficiency of each Generator and refuel as and when require. We recommend for any special function a backup generator is present.

We deliver from London to Cardiff, Lands End to Glasgow; to anywhere in the United Kingdom and across Europe. We run a fleet of Land Rovers so getting the generator exactly where you require it will never be a problem.

Where running and balancing up the power distribution of the generator is not as simple as some people believe it to be, we strongly suggest having an engineer on site to run the power side of your event giving you complete piece of mind.

Here are some of the Generators available that Paul Donnelly Services Limited has in our ever expanding Power Generator and Distribution Hire stock. There are various types of units available, as in single, three phase, a small amount of petrol machines, most of our generators are diesel.

Kva - amps - Watts

6 Kva = 20 amps = 4800 watts
7 kva = 23.3 amps = 5592 watts
10 kva = 33.3 amps = 8000 watts
12 kva = 40 amps = 9600 watts
15 kva = 50 amps = 12000 watts
18 kva = 60 amps =14400 watts
20 kva = 66.6 amps = 16000 watts
25 kva = 83.3 amps = 20000 watts
30 kva = 100 amps = 24000 watts
40 kva = 133.3 amps = 32000 watts
45 kva = 150 amps = 36000 watts
50 kva = 166.6 amps = 40000 watts
60 kva = 200 amps = 48000 watts
80 kva = 266.6 amps = 64000 watts
100 kva = 333.3 amps = 80000 watts
150 kva = 500 amps =120000 watts
200 kva = 666.6 amps = 160000 watts

We can provide generator rental for events such as corporate events, sporting events, TV broadcasting, concerts / movie productions and more.

We also offer fully qualified service engineers and delivery throughout the UK, London and Europe.

Please speak to an Event organizer if you require Larger Generators or further information on generator hire.

Temporary Lighting System for hire
Quite often when outside events and generators are booked event organisers have been known to forget about lighting up the areas that are required. There are many different options available from the very basic like festoon lighting available in multi colour or just in white light.

Then moving up the scales there are lighting masts, which there are many options in height from two metres masts up to eight metre high masts that are all available in various amounts of lamps from one, two and four headed units. these lights can be self powered or run of our generator

Inside lighting is also very important there are many different variants available to create the right atmosphere and mood for you event

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