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Themed Events

Themed Events - If you are looking for a themed event or party then contact Corporate Events UK today.

The choice at Corporate Events UK is endless, we can provide a number of theme nights, conferences or team building events and other entertainment packages to meet and exceed all your needs.

Please find below a few examples of theming ideas. Don't forget, we are able to provide complete Bespoke projects if required.

Theming Ideas:

  • James Bond Nights - James Bond evenings prove to be very successful. Commonly used props would be life sized cut-outs of characters staring in the Bond movies which would be up-lit. Stage props, fabric dressings, video projections and of course most importantly Casino tables as the finishing touch.

  • Hollywood - Hollywood nights can be great fun and all we ask from you is to make sure your guests dress up as a famous movie star. As they arrive on the VIP red carpet our Paparazzi will snap away. Finding the venue will be a breeze, just watch out for the Hollywood style searchlights light up the sky above the venue. We are able to dress the room in life sized cutouts of famous superstars and the centrepiece must be that famous Hollywood sign. We recommend live entertainment for this event.

  • A Day at the Beach - Such great fun! Invite your guest to the beach. We will recreate the beach but you will need to make sure your guests are dressed for the occasion. To make the evening interesting we suggest you order the Surf Simulator to add that 'Wow' factor.

  • Salsa - The sexy Salsa night is ideal for all sized functions and works extremely well for smaller gatherings. Let our Salsa dancers entertain you before turning the tables and having you entertain the audience. We can supply complete room dressings and have many acts to choose from.

  • Live Entertainment / Bands - Most of our themed evenings require some type of entertainment, whether it be in between courses entertainment or after dinner entertainment and sometimes it could be both, we have a large range of in-house and recommended external acts to choose from.

  • Casino Tables - Casino tables can be integrated into a themed evening. We have a large range of professional casino tables complete with experienced croupiers.

  • Simulators - Some event organisers look for something a little less formal and look towards guests having lots of fun. We are able to supply Arcade machines, simulators and all of the top consoles such as PSP's, Xbox 360's, playstation 3's and the legendary Wii.

  • Quiz Nights - We are able to recreate television favourites or customise a quiz to suit your requirements. The use of projectors, plasmas, lighting and high quality sound systems creates the professional touch.

If you are looking for theming, which isn't listed above, please get in contact with one of our dedicated theming organisers. Whether you require a custom design or a recreation, we are here to supply all of your requirements.

Themed Events
Themed Events
  • Themed Events
    Themed Events
  • Themed Events
    Themed Events
  • Themed Events
    Themed Events
  • Themed Events
    Themed Events

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